new wave queenslander

a new addition, which is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional queenslander


a carefully designed and innovative addition, this project responds to the unique climatic and cultural context of southeast queensland.

the project maintains the street character of pre-war houses while providing solutions for urban infill and increased density in brisbane.  the house additions maintain the privacy and amenity of the neighbouring dwellings.

the new addition is a contemporary interpretation of the queenslander rather than an imitation of the existing building.  from the street the existing cottage is the dominant form and focus.  at the rear, the new building folds over and frames the existing queenslander to create the outdoor living space.   the new building is of similar lightweight construction and materials to the existing house, however, it has been designed in a contemporary arrangement to suite a modern lifestyle.

the house enjoys passive solar design, so it is cool in summer and warm in winter.  the additions maximise natural light and ventilation, while also capturing views of the surrounding landscape.  the planning allows a desired separation of the public and private realms of the house.  the living and entertaining areas provide a range of spaces to be enjoyed at different times of the day and year depending on the climatic conditions and personal interactions.  the new bedroom wing balances the clients desire for a safe and secure environment to bring up young children, while also allowing adult space and time.

architect: david teeland
photography: chris kleine