earth house sunshine coast

an intriguing rammed earth house above the glass house mountains with panoramic views to the ocean and islands beyond


this residence was designed for a writer and his family.  at the centre of the house is a double height semi outdoor room to display the owners bonsai tree collection.  this central space is encased by a series of gorgeous rooms with glass walls looking out over the surrounding national park. the brief stipulated a house that had a high acoustic performance.  rammed earth was chosen for its beautiful tactile and sculptural qualities, but also because it posses wonderful thermal and acoustic properties.  the thermal mass of the rammed earth would allow the house to be cool in summer and warm in winter without the use of mechanical ventilation. the building was designed as a stand alone environmental system.  all electricity and water collected on site by the building and waste water recycled and used for bush regeneration.

project team: david teeland, jenna hawting