jewel box bathrooms

emerald glass tiles shimmer under the light, providing a direct reference to the ocean across the street


although modest in size the allure of these bathrooms is remarkable.  our brief was to convert an existing laundry into a second bathroom.  the area was very small, and there was limited openings to the outside.  our principle idea was to have exquisite design features that became the focus of the room.

we designed a custom fabricated translucent basin, vanity bench and surrounds that are backlit with led lighting.  this glowing sculptural element became the principle design feature and the lighting for the bathroom.  we designed this out of marble, a translucent polymer-based hybrid.  the beauty of this product is that you can weld the seams so that it appears that the basin, vanity and surrounds have been carved out of one piece of material.  to make the low ceiling height work for us, we decided to wrap the floors, walls and ceiling in a green glass mosaic tile.  the glass tiles shimmer under the light and provide a direct reference to the nearby ocean.

architect: david teeland
photography: chris kleine