first bay

a beach house to look out over the ocean and be protected from the sun, wind and rain


First Bay is a beach house for a couple who wanted to enjoy views of the ocean and be protected from the sun, wind and rain.   The client’s brief required a home that they could open on a beautiful day and then close in strong winds or rain, without losing their views of the sea.

The first design challenge was to provide good sun and wind protection for the house, without losing views.  We needed to design windows and doors that could easily be opened and closed, while at the same time providing shading from the summer sun and rain.

The second challenge was the house needed to be built on a very steep site.  Even though the house is designed over a number of levels,  the clients wanted the ability to stay in the house into their old age.

We designed floor to ceiling glass sliding doors that have fantastic views out over the ocean.  These glass doors can be easily opened or closed, depending on the weather.  The openings are protected from the sun and rain by large roof overhangs.  We also concealed automated blinds into the ceiling, that drop down at night and go up in the morning.  This allows the clients to control the amount of direct sun coming into the building.  In summer they can keep the sun out, in winter they can let the sun in.  This makes the house naturally cool in summer and warm in winter without having to rely on air conditioning.

We have integrated a fast quiet lift into the centre of the house.  This will allow the clients in their later years, to effortlessly move up and down the levels of their home.  Once you arrive at each level, there are no steps in the floor plan so you can move around easily even if you don’t have great mobility.

First Bay house is currently under construction